Since 1959, we have been operating in the mining and construction industry in order to produce the aggregates used in constructing buildings and making roads. By closely monitoring the ever–changing developments in the field, we are adeptly serving our customers with our experienced team by following the technological developments in the construction and mining technologies and adapting them to our clients needs. Our principal rule is ensuring the continuity of quality in our productions. Ustaoglu Mining and Construction was founded August 18th, 1959 in Antakya by Ali Ustaoglu (1936-1988). On July 1st, 1969 our founder moved the mining operations to our present quarry, where the production still takes place today.

Over the years our range of clients that we produce aggregate for have included ready-mixed concrete plants, asphalt plants, brick and paving stone manufacturers, manufacturers of construction chemicals, construction and road contractors, municipalities, government institutions and other similar organizations. Keeping parallel to the developments in the mining and construction industries, our policy has always been to produce the high quality of aggregates. Houses, schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, factories, airports, gas stations, water treatment plants, public buildings and shopping malls are all daily encounters and reminders of how indispensable aggregate is to our everyday lives. As Ustaoglu Mining & Construction, we are proud to have been, and continue to be a contribution to the country’s economic growth.